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Tattoo Kit 2 . See more ideas about rabbit tattoos, white rabbit tattoo, white rabbit. A few letters are missing. $2.50. One of the best tattoo pen recommended by most of the breeder in US is Inkinator and EZ Tatt. This pen was designed by 13 year old girl and her father, who has been a tattoo artist for over 20 yrs. Item # 619903 - In Stock. All of the tattoo pens out there look basically like electric toothbrushes with a modified head. Tattoo service. Tattoo Balm ; Why our Tattoo Balm. Breeder / Show Supplies/ Tattoo / Scales; Books & Novelties; Hay Feeders; Medications and Supplements; Oxbow Hay; Nest Boxes; Rabbi Tatt 2 / Rabbit Tattooer ; Urine Guards; Water Bottles; Rabbit Cages and Rabbit Supplies. Home > Farm & Self-Sufficiency > Rabbit Equipment & Supplies We found 79 results matching your criteria. Replacement Needle For KBtatts Pen $ 2.50 $ 1.00. At The Rabbitry Center, we use the tattoo pen. The tattoo system I am searching for is far more humane than the ear clamp tattoo that is still used, cheaper, and far more painful. $ 6.00. When a rabbit’s ear is tattooed, a plier-style tattoo instrument is used to pierce the skin of the ear with the needles of the tattoo digits. Wrap or Specially Made Box to Safely Secure Rabbit While Tattooing (I just place mine on carpet on a … A small 3 digit number in my rabbits ear I feel is a fair compromise to a lifetime of pampering and love. 10 magnets to a package. I prefer the clamp because it is fast, easy-to-read, and always looks professional. My rabbitry will refund for the LIFETIME of the rabbit. Cage Magnets. When I bought my first tattoo kit, I bought the pen. Favorite Answer. Beginner tattoo kits can be a great way to experiment and practice, but success in the industry goes far beyond following patterns and pre-made designs. make sure that the hutch or pen’s roof extends to protect rabbits from the weather design and maintain accommodation to avoid draughts make sure that rabbits can access a dry-bedded area. Delivery and Returns Content description. 2 talking about this. Tattoo pen kits and replacement parts. We had previously used the KBTatts pen, and it died after a few months. KBtatts Tattoo Pen $35.00+ $4.95 SHIPPING $ 39.95 This pen was designed by 13 year old girl and her father, who has been a tattoo artist for over 20 yrs. Also, Anyone can trace my rabbits breeding back to me should they no longer want the rabbit. You might could try tinkering with one of those. We recommend replacing the needle after every 10-15 tattoos, but it can vary greatly with the length of the tattoos and the thickness of the bunny ears. Tattoo Equipment-Battery or Electric Tattoo Outfit or Clamp Tattoo Outfit with Digits and Letters. Built around the principle that every ingredient must have a purpose. From nest boxes to tattoo pens. Mad Rabbit Tattoo was founded by two brothers with a passion for ink. has it too if you buy your pen from them. We use the Grand Champion II Kit with 0-9 number & alphabet set. The TATT PEN writes like a ball point pen. I've used the old fashioned method with the plier type tattoo kit and finally bought an electric tattoo pen because it seems that's what most breeders are using and most of the rabbits I have bought with a tattoo from an electric tattooer have all been better quality tattoos than most from the clamp style. People will have their different preferences, and some will even use the rabbit tattoo pen for small bunnies, and then use the clamp style equipment for much larger rabbits. Miscellaneous Supplies. You can also buy a make up tattoo machine from eBay for around $20. I immediately posted it for sale and was lucky to find a fellow breeder who had bought a clamp kit off another breeder and was wanting the pen so we ended up trading. You must be logged in to post a comment. randc290. From Stone Manufacturing--long the provider of choice for both ink and pliers in the USA. Be the first to write a review Cancel reply. If you have several rabbits or will be breeding, consider purchasing a tattoo kit yourself. Of Rabbit And Small Animal Equipment since 1961 Bass Equipment Company has been an industry leader in the design and manufacture of small animal equipment since 1961.

TB Tattoo Pen livestock tattoo rabbit tattoo gun show animal tattoo pen. Relevance. For mulated for tattoo lovers and artists who care about the products they put on their skin, and especially their tattoos. When you choose the clamp tattoo kit, make sure you choose one with rubber on the opposing surface rather than an awful foam pad. Why our Tattoo Balm. Tattoo Wrap (rugged material restraint) Hold the rabbits securely while you tattoo. Ez Feet Resting Mat. My clamp is old, probably 20 some years old and still works perfectly! Also one Inknator pen. As quite a few of you know, the website is up and running. Customers also get to choose a motor unit color, and also a grip color, limited to in stock colors at the time of purchase. Rabbits Tattoo Ink are vegan-friendly tattoo inks that are made by the company behind Bullets Tattoo Ink and Carbon Black Tattoo Ink.. Killer Ink Tattoo stocks individual 35ml bottles of Rabbits Tattoo Ink in various hues, as well as complete sets of Rabbits Tattoo Ink that were created with famous tattoo artists. Also if you buy India Ink, instead of what comes standard with tattoo pliers and the pens, you'll find your tattoos will last 10 times as long. You do not need to provide any supplies for this except clean water. Item # 619900 - In Stock. Professional Tattoo Kit w/ tattoo pen with needle, case, and (2) ink cups. Lv 7. I’ve tattooed several rabbits and they react very little to the tattoo pen process. QTY: Add to Cart. Sharp claws won't rip these wraps! The Tattoo Gun We use a Equitat2 tattoo pen for our rabbits. Aftercare made easy. $ 8.00. Watch the video of the KBtatts Tattoo Pen in action! If you have any questions about any of our products, please don't hesitate to email us, or give us a call at 888-451-2234. Black ink. Condition is "New". During all this time I have been trying some new features and testing everything at least 4-5 times to ensure your shopping experience here at MR Tatt goes as smoothly as possible. From Stone Manufacturing--long the provider of choice for both ink and pliers in the USA. Additional information. Shop now. Feb 20, 2017 - Explore Kyler Zee's board "White Rabbit Tattoo" on Pinterest. You purchase a clamp and a set of letters. KB-Tatt-1. 610,652. There are two primary reasons to tattoo a rabbit. Tattoos Preserved. Quick View. Contact Us: 269-858-6544. The AIMS™ ATS-3L Large Lab Animal Tattoo System is a compact tattoo kit specifically developed for the tattoo identification of large laboratory animals (hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits, NHP, Swine, [anything larger than a mouse/rat]).Features AIMS™ ultra light weight tattoo machine for quick, easy skin tattooing for both the tattooist and animal. We are currently working on a new project!!! Our range of apprentice tattoo kits are a great way to teach your apprentice the basics of tattooing. The tattoo device is squeezed together with the ear between the digits and the rubber backing pad of the tool. We can ID tattoo your bunnies for you at your farm or rabbitry to meet show requirements. Clamps used to be the most common way that people would tattoo their rabbits. Easily attach via the magnet to the back of a feeder or on a metal cage plate. 4 Answers. It can also be quite expensive. That said, Pliers do work well too. Sale! Do you know of any good rabbit tattoo pens? Home / Tattoo Supplies / Replacement Needle For KBtatts Pen. The digits must completely penetrate the ear. rabbit restraint Place the rabbit in the wrap and leave the head sticking out the small end. Everything you need to tattoo your rabbit for shows or any livestock required to be tattooed

FOR SALE - Lake Tahoe - Two sets with two clamps. Some breeders really like the pen. Tattoo Kit 1 . Sort By: Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Most … Starting with the revolutionary Fine-X Screen feeder up to today's multilevel Flush-Kleen Systems, Bass Equipment Company has continued to grow and innovate products for the small animal breeder. Reasons to Tattoo a Rabbit. In addition, we offer books from the American Rabbit Breeders Association. Ink (Fresh Tattoo Ink or India Ink) Baby Wipes. I tried doing three rabbits tonight both by myself and with help. Getting started with rabbits of good quality from reputable breeders is important for a successful endeavor. This will make the tattoo much easier. You can find the India Ink online or in the calligraphy aisle of your craft stores. Replacement needle designed by KBtatts for rabbit tattoo pens. (“Digits” in this case refers to numbers or letters.) Update: I own rabbit for 4-h so yes it is for idenitfication, Answer Save. There are no reviews yet! Rabbit Tat Tattoo Pen (with case, ink, and instructions) Includes ink and 2 needles. I’m not here to convince you to use a pen or pliers. The main types of rabbit tattoo kits are pens and a clamp style tattoos. For $3.00 per rabbit we will visit and tattoo your rabbits at your choice of location. 1 decade ago . We tattoo our kits with a clamp in the left ear around 6-8 weeks old. KB-Tatt-2. That's one of my favorite sites to shop on for rabbit stuff. Also two tattoo burritos for medium and large breeds. Also a distributor of high quality pet supplies for your rabbit. Weight.8 lbs: Dimensions: 8.5 × 5.5 × 2.5 in: Reviews . Paint Brush, soft toothbrush or Q-Tips for Applying Ink. J clips to resting mats. Tattoo Supplies Black Tattoo Ink, 3 oz. We have all the special supply items you need for your rabbits and cavies. QTY: Add to Cart. There are two styles - the clamp, and the pen. Tattoo Supplies Black Roll-On Tattoo Ink, 2 oz. I am looking around for a rabbit tattoo pen, not the clamp style,but the pen because I want them least bit of pain available. You can also use a tattoo pen to write the ID numbers in the ear. MR Tatt Complete Kit includes the tattoo pen with grip assembly, adjustment tool, ink, ink cups, vitamin E oil, cleaning brush set, 3 needles, instructions, and all in a very sturdy hard plastic case which is lockable. I’ve put together a tattoo pen kit that is reasonably priced without compromising on quality, and offer replacement parts so that you can be assured of consistent performance and ready availability of replacement tips and inks. Tattoo Pen Kits. I used it once and hated it. If you don't own a tattoo set, we can tattoo your rabbits here for a small fee. Just one try of this pen and you will see the difference. Fits KBtatts head. Apr 24, 2019 - EZTatt Rabbit Tattoo Pen Kit: Garden & Outdoor It is completely a personal opinion. Not guaranteed to fit other brands. Creativity and talent is key, but art classes like art history, color theory, and composition/life drawing classes will put you on the right path of honing your skills and building a portfolio. NEW Complete Tattoo Kit 2 PRO MACHINE Guns 20 Color Ink Power Supply Tattoo Love 4.5 out of 5 stars 74 product ratings 74 product ratings - NEW Complete Tattoo Kit 2 PRO MACHINE Guns 20 Color Ink Power Supply Tattoo Love XSmall Wrap 0-1.5 lb young dwarf breeds Small Wrap 2-5 lb young meatpen, small compact breeds Large Wrap 5-11 lb Related Products. Pointer Hill Pet Products is a manufacturer of high quality Rabbit cages, carriers, and breeding units. They contain everything an apprentice will need to get practicing including tattoo machines, power supply, tattoo ink, tattoo needles, ink cups etc. Stay tuned for details! Slicker brushes to cage tags.

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