canon powershot sx150 battery life problems

Clean the lens with a microfiber cloth to avoid scratching the lens. Hold the power button down for one minute before replacing the batteries and memory card then turn the camera back on. I bought a new Canon SX110IS 2 weeks ago. A watch or clock with the correct current time, Knowledge of your current time zone (more or less where it is in the world). If the items below do not solve your problem, contact a Canon … First check to be sure the flash is turned on. To toggle between each, push the right side of the wheel. Try manually opening your lens, and if the cover doesn't snap back into place, that means the springs are either broken or unhooked. Canon is notoriously known for having battery cover issues on 2 AA cameras as they age, due to the pressure imbalance compared to a 4 AA configuration. If you think there is a problem with the camera, first check the following. The camera takes only a few pictures before the battery runs out. If the flash falls back down, you may have a broken spring, listed below. Canon has published an advisory for owners of select PowerShot cameras. I cann… Push the “Function Set” button (in the middle of the wheel). If you're using an ad-blocker you might miss out on seeing the deals. Your date and time stamp should be saved, and your camera is ready to go out and take some pictures! 2) Remove the date/time battery holder. Tape can be used as a quick fix, but it is not reliable and may leave you without a photo! Your screen may also just be damaged. If you see only a few red dots, this may also be completely normal and disappear. Carefully inspect your flex ribbon for damage, as any damage will result in needing to replace the wire. This problem could be due to a loose flex ribbon. The PowerShot SX150 IS was a … - YouTube 5. You will have to put the flex ribbon back into place. This is the positive cure for short lived batteries. Early this year, my Canon PowerShot SX150 camera wouldn’t keep the date and time stamp. The settings do not change even when I turn the function wheel. If the flash is on and it is dark enough for the flash to fire, you should take your camera to a professional to check the flash connections. In many cases, replacing the alkaline batteries with rechargeable high capacity batteries (2,400mAh+ NiMh) or Lithium Primary batteries fixes the problem. Canon PowerShot SX150IS review – Performance, image quality and verdict. Your wheel may have debris lodged in the cracks. Plugging the small end of the USB cable into the camera. Kayaking the Genesee River to Lower Falls! Push the “Menu” button on the back of the camera, then push the right of the scroll wheel to get to the “tools” menu. If your camera will stay on long enough to do this, you can also go into the settings to reset the camera. If the screen isn't working and is badly cracked, the best course of action would be to replace it. Check the function wheel carefully for any debris, and clean it out with a toothpick or small point, and see if your wheel will now turn. Affected cameras include some PowerShot SX280 HS and S120 units among others, and owners are directed to check their serial numbers to see if their camera is included in the advisory. ), Setting the month (currently), day, year, and time. Shot pictures all day on the same batteries the camera kept rejecting the other day. The screen stays black even when I'm taking pictures. Remove any debris you may find. The downside is that the Canon PowerShot SX150 IS chews through a pair of Alkaline cells faster than Monsieur Mangetout. With precision engineering and decades of leadership in optical technologies, Canon has created a bright, wide-angle lens that provides an … Digital camera has been part of human life nowadays. You will have to put the flex ribbon back into place. Early this year, my Canon PowerShot SX150 camera wouldn’t keep the date and time stamp. Please refer to the breakdown or repair guide to fix this issue (not available yet). If the camera seems to be focusing and the AF- assist Beam is on, but the view is still blurry, make sure the lens has no smudges or dirt obstructions. Press the menu button and go to the "tools" tab which should appear as a wrench and hammer. Canon PowerShot SX150 IS. On the 540, one suffered some mild corrosion, and the A1100, I have to use a slim washer below the negative down in the battery pocket. When placing the same batteries in my old Sony digital cameras, the battery indicator shows they are fully charged... Is this a problem with my Canon or the batteries? If your screen is cracked, it may be too damaged to continue to work. First, check the focus. First, make sure the flash is raised and on the camera screen, choose the arrow icon that is pointing downwards. Scroll down to the bottom to find the "Reset All" button and highlight it. Make sure that when you are taking the picture, you hold the shutter button down halfway for a moment by pressing the button lightly. Please refer to the breakdown or repair guide to fix this issue located here. Within a few seconds, a screen will flash indicating that you need to set the date and time. There may be something lodged in, or otherwise blocking the flash from opening. Terms — I wasn't sure what was causing the red low battery to go off, but sure enough it's when I shoot a movie. This problem could be due to a loose flex ribbon. Canon PowerShot SX150 IS comes as the good option for amateur beginner to advanced photo enthusiasts. If your images are still blurry, this could be due to a smudged or damaged image sensor. Released August 2011. Set" button to select the option, then select "OK" when asked to confirm the reset. If you have problems, try to clean the contacts with alcohol. Read our in-depth Canon PowerShot SX150 IS review to find out if this is the travel zoom camera for you. I finally decided to do something about it, but unlike the SX130 and SX160, the SX150 doesn’t have a little battery case on the side of the camera. From easy craft ideas to origami-style 3D models – bring the paper fun into your daily life … Please refer to the Screen Replacement Guide for detailed instructions on how to replace your camera screen. Please refer to the breakdown or repair guide to fix this issue (not available yet). The mere fact that there is even an ongoing debate about battery life with the SX150 is telling. Whenever I turned on the camera, I had to reset the date and time if I wanted it to be right. Note: If this doesn’t work, you may need to replace the battery. 1. Turn the scroll wheel clockwise to the “Time Zone” or “Date, Time…” options to change these – you’ll need to scroll until the desired option is illuminated orange, then push the “Function Set” button in the middle of the scroll wheel (you will need to push the “Function Set” button twice to set the time zone). Try removing both the batteries and the memory card. The tape will likely eventually fail due to the tension AA batteries put on the door. 14.1 Megapixel 4320x3240 1/2.3" CCD. First, try simply opening the battery terminal, and wiping off the contacts. But, not all of them are suitable to your personality and needs. Make sure it says "On" when you choose it, and the arrow should appear on your screen. To fix this, you will have to replace or hook the springs back up. Carefully inspect your flex ribbon for damage, as any damage will result in needing to replace the wire. Try taking a picture again. The only way to solve this problem is to replace your screen when it becomes an issue for you. Then follow the guidelines below. 4. in Tiadaghton State Forest. The contacts are the metal springs, and plates where you place each end of the battery. I stopped using it until this morning i tried to use it again and it said low battery again. To fix this, you will have to reconnect it to the click wheel. This click wheel is what connects the external wheel with the actual functions inside the camera. The battery terminals, where you place the batteries, may be dirty keeping the energy from flowing to the camera . Like most long zooms, its maximum … It is what it is and so it goes. If you find any, remove and dispose of the batteries immediately and clean the battery terminal of any corrosion. It will not however solve anything. I have an older version the SX110, and never had a similar battery problem such as described here. The external wheel may be disconnected from the internal click wheel. Use the scroll wheel to the right of the screen to adjust the month, day, year, and time. Its G12 and S95 models include a full range of shooting and recording modes … If your function wheel is turning, but not changing function, this could be a problem with the connection with the "click wheel" within the camera. A nickel–zinc battery, abbreviated NiZn, is a type of rechargeable battery similar to NiMH batteries, but with a higher voltage of 1.6 V. Accessibility. See the guide for more detailed instructions. This issue is made worse by the fact the plastic contracts over time, which is why many of these break to the point they need repair. The battery terminals are just too weak. 1. Looking it up, most of the forum posts said it was nearly impossible, or at least, not possible without disassembling the camera and ordering a new part directly from Canon – the SX150 doesn’t use a button battery like the SX130 and SX160 (which both take a CR 1220 button battery). If you are using rechargeable AA batteries, ensure that you have recharged your batteries fully before placing them into the camera again. 1) Turn off the camera. Canon Powershot sx150 IS(Battery Life Solution!!) The wheel will not move when I attempt to turn it. You might want to visit a camera repair shop for that. See the repair guide or breakdown for the guide (not available yet). 1.5. (If you want to set the date and time, but the screen doesn’t come up automatically, turn on the camera. How to Replace a Zipper in a Sleeping Bag, Anne’s Travels’ Favorite Free Workouts (Hiking Prep or Everyday Exercising), 10 Places to (Legally) Get Free Internet while Traveling. The screen appears dark, and I can only see the pictures very faintly. Key specs Canon PowerShot SX150 IS; Price (MSRP) $249.99: Dimensions (WHD) 4.5x2.9x1.8 inches: Weight (with battery and media) 10.8 ounces: Megapixels, image sensor size, type Canon PowerShot SX150 IS Review We may earn a commission if you click a deal and buy an item. ... Low battery life. When placing my fully charged energizer NiMH 2500mAh batteries in it, I get the low battery signal right away. Your camera should now keep the date and time stamp! Replace the batteries once it's all clean. The Specification of Canon PowerShot SX150 IS. I’m in Eastern Time, so New York is listed, and all the areas in Eastern Time are highlighted yellow. Use the scroll wheel to adjust the time zone. The flash won't pop up or stay open when I try to take a picture with the flash. © 2020 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy — It’s so easy – much easier than installing a button battery! An awesome team of students from our education program made this wiki. Eventually more pixels may die, and even create entire lines of dead pixels across your screen. Open up the battery terminal and check your batteries for corrosion. PowerShot SX150 IS. The lens may simply be blocked from extending. The detailed announcement addresses an issue with the battery that resulted from a connection problem … 3. The Canon PowerShot SX150 IS has a wide 12x optical zoom with a 35mm equivalent range of 28-336mm. If the Date/Time settings screen appears every time the camera is turned on, replace the date/time battery with a new one (CR1220). Try holding the flash halfway open, and let it go. I changed the batteries with double AA, about three different times. If corrosion is not the problem then it could be the batteries themselves. Don't know about other Canon models, but unless you can see a real problem with your batteries sitting right, I would definitely try this before messing around with toothpicks. Next, make sure the AF-assist Beam option is on. If you don’t want to set the time, you can hit the “Menu” button on the back of the camera, and your pictures will come out with the time stamp “January 1, 1980”. Canon is also known to have issues with the battery terminals on AA based cameras. Creative Park Creative Park Creative Park. There are several types of digital camera out there ready to choose. Product Review for Rayovac Fusion Canon PowerShot SX150 IS Digital Camera Batteries (30 Pack) Rayovac Fusion AA sized alkaline battery excels in today's power-hungry devices including high-powered toys, video game controllers, wireless headsets and more 28-336 mm (12x) f/3.4-5.6. My SX150 does indeed suffer from the battery issue by comparison to the SX110. Check for debris in and around the flash on the surface first, by looking at the indents on the top of the camera, where the flash is housed. For this issue, you can refer to Button Replacement Guide for detailed instructions. Replacement of Canon PowerShot SX130IS Battery Compartment Door: The battery compartment door is the weakest point on most digital cameras as on my Canon SX130IS. Open up the flap and put the small end of the USB cord into the proper hole. You can try to clean it, however it takes a lot to get it cleaned by hand. Press the "Func. 2. If the flash pops the rest of the way up, or remains in the half-way open position, something is preventing it from opening the rest of the way and continue to check for debris. If your camera runs out of battery and turns off after taking only a few pictures, this could be because of corrosion build up on battery connections. This is quite common and expensive to fix, so it may be cheaper to replace the camera OR purchase a parts donor with an unrelated issue to get the required parts, like a bad lens. If you're not sure if your current shooting location is dark enough, you may want to try testing it in a dark room. I just got the canon powershot sx160 IS yesterday, it came with its own batteries and after about 3-5 of using it with the battteries it came with, it started to say low battery. Many people reported problems with their Canon PowerShot S2 IS model that it gives change the batteries message in the shoot mode. How to Sleep 10 People in a Full Size Van, The Best Day Hikes in Yosemite National Park (to beat the crowds), How to Camp (for free!) The problem could be caused by broken springs. The Canon PowerShot SX150IS features the kind of performance with which the PowerShot name has come to symbolise. Best Hikes in North Cascades National Park, Best Hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park, How to Replace the Zipper in a Sleeping Bag, 12 Hiking Hairstyles that are Pretty & Practical. The camera’s shot to shot speed is generally good, and is supported by focusing speed and accuracy which is itself impressively prompt. In some cases the camera might just need a reset. The canon powershot sx150 requires 3.15v, text on underside of camera. The camera takes only a few pictures before the battery runs out. Locate the A/V Out Digital flap on the side of the camera. For less than £200 / $250, the Canon SX150 offers a 12x optical zoom lens, 14 megapixels, 3 inch LCD screen and 720p movies. 3) Replace the battery. First of all you need to keep in mind that it's the battery problem, not camera's or firmware's. The screen may still function with a crack, so it is not necessary unless you are bothered by it. I have the Canon Powershot SX 130IS. The Canon PowerShot SX130 and SX160 have a button battery, while the SX150 does not. Canon U.S.A., Inc. and Canon Canada Inc. (collectively "Canon") warrant to the original end-user purchaser, when delivered to you in new condition in its original container, that this PowerShot Digital Camera Product (the "Product") will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one (1) year from the date of original purchase. View and Download Canon PowerShot SX150 IS user manual online. Try opening the battery terminal and wiping it clean with a cloth before reinserting the batteries. The A/V Out Digital flap that gives access to the mini USB port. A few dead pixels is completely normal. If none of these steps work, then it may be best to replace the screen completely. If camera is in auto mode, make sure it is dark enough for the flash to fire. 2,200mAh NiMh batteries can also be used, albeit with a capacity penalty. If alcohol does not work, consider replacing the contacts in the camera. Turn on the camera. Whenever I turned on the camera, I had to reset the date and time if I wanted it to be right. A Powershot A 540, and a powershot A1100 IS. Unplug the camera from the cord. 6. The problem could also be caused by the flex ribbon being torn or damaged in any small way. One day through battery replacement I noticed a little gap between door and camera casing: one of the little hooks of the door was gone forever. The best course of action would be to replace the Digital Image Sensor all together. Parts that are viable are hard to come by on parts cameras since many of the parts ones have this common problem as well as the primary fault - it may take multiple cameras to find all of the required parts. Has anyone called Canon about this? Push the “Function Set” button (in the middle of the wheel). Check for physical chassis damage in the form of lost parts and chipping on the cover to quickly check for this failure. 3. Sugarless Instant Oatmeal Packets for Backpacking, or Eating! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I ignored the problem for several months, and all my photos came out saying they had been taken on January 1, 1980 (funny how good digital was back then!) The PowerShot SX150 IS features a powerful Genuine Canon 12x Zoom Lens that delivers outstanding optical performance and versatility. I'm having the same issue with the battery. I have been using NiZn batteries successfully for 4 years now. Canon introduced its PowerShot cameras targeting both fulltime professionals and regular consumers by offering the versatile feature of a professional camera in a small, compact form. Take the USB cord that came with your camera (mine was still sealed in plastic) and plug it into your computer. You will need to replace the two double-A batteries. Check to see if your lens cover has any debris lodged into it, and clean it out with a toothpick or small point, or a microfiber cloth. I have two Canon cameras with the same problem. Red or green dots, or bars appear across my screen. The batteries may actually be depleted or the batteries don't have enough power to sustain continued use of the camera. But actually, there’s an easy way to recharge the internal battery. Canon PowerShot SX150 IS + Join Group. 535 Members. The new Canon PowerShot SX150 IS is one of the most affordable travel-zoom cameras around. Canon PowerShot SX150 IS Troubleshooting ... Canon is notoriously known for having battery cover issues on 2 AA cameras as they age, due to the pressure imbalance compared to a 4 AA configuration. Remove any if it is found. 11522 Photos. Then, you may want to try holding the flash about half-way up. This is not recommended as a long term repair option, but can save you if it breaks in the field as an emergency fix. How to fix a Canon PowerShot SX150 when it won’t hold a time and date stamp. Which States have 85 vs. 87 Octane Gasoline? There was a problem. The dead pixels will not appear in your pictures. Seamless transfer of images and movies from your Canon camera to your devices and web services. Replacing the Date/Time Battery The life of the date/time battery (back-up battery) is approximately 7 years. Check the lens to see if anything is wedged into the lens preventing it from extending. The only real solution for this problem is to replace the screen itself. Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Your description helped me define the problem. This may involve replacing the entire cover if you cannot find a terminal only opart. I have 12 days of time to return the camera. The camera powers up only to show the low battery indicator before immediately shutting down again. I ignored the problem for several months, and all my photos came out saying they had been taken on January 1, 1980 (funny how good digital was back then!) Canon had a bumper year in 2011, picking up four awards and an average of 4.2 stars across our 13 Canon camera reviews. None of the batteries worked. Canon has released an advisory note informing select PowerShot owners that their cameras might be affected by an issue with poor contact between the battery and battery terminal. Luckily I had the same problem once with my camera and it's pretty easy to troubleshoot. Many AA Canon cameras are known to kill Alkaline batteries quickly and are not recommended because of this problem. To get to this option, press the menu button on the display screen and scroll down to the AF-assist Beam option ensuring that it is turned to the “On” setting. That would be helpful so they will know it needs a fix. 4. 2. Reset the date and time (see below). The spring that allows the flash to stay open may be broken as well. You should see the image begin to focus, then you can push the button all the way down and take the picture. November ... by Ken Veader 2 months ago The cure for SX150is battery problems 1 reply. The flash won't fire, even when it is extended. If the flash falls back down on its own, the spring is broken and needs to be replaced. The problem could also be caused by the flex ribbon being torn or damaged in any small way. Allow the camera to charge for several hours.

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